"To work Handsomely, is to present a highly optimized workflow to a small team of experts."

Creative Direction

VFX Direction, Concept Design, Motion Design, Interactive Design and Look development.

CG/VFX Supervision

Expert guidance for script development, on-set and during post to ensure efficient, high quality results.

Dynamic Simulation

Over a decade of experience wrangling monstrous equipment while simulating all over film, broadcast and web.


Caressing your CAD creations into photoreal renderings or designing CG assets from scratch.

About Us

"A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players."

Handsome® is a Los Angeles based studio offering high end visual effects, design, direction and technical consultation. Handsome was founded by Dimitri Loginowski, an Oscar-nominated, 13 year veteran of the VFX, Motion Graphics and Marketing/Design industries. Our philosophy is simple, small teams + efficient workflow = Handsome quality and value. We rely heavily on scripting, procedural workflows and automation to generate elegant solutions to complex problems. Our clients range from film industry execs, creative agencies, corporate clients and entrepreneurs/inventors.